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Hidden Scar Breast Surgery Specialist
Thanks to advances in surgical techniques, women who undergo breast cancer surgery no longer have to bare prominent scars. Leading, board-certified breast surgeon Judith Richmond, MD, FACS of the Oregon Breast Center in Lake Oswego Oregon, specializes in Hidden Scar™ breast cancer surgery. She's helped countless women feel comfortable with their post-surgery bodies, using this advanced approach.

Hidden Scar Breast Surgery Q & A

by Judith Richmond, MD, FACS

What is Hidden Scar breast cancer surgery?

Many women who have breast surgery scars feel self-conscious and uncomfortable being undressed. Hidden Scar™ breast cancer surgery is a specialized procedure in which Dr. Richmond not only removes your cancer, she places your incisions in a hidden location, minimizing your scar’s visibility.

For both mastectomy and lumpectomy surgeries, Dr. Richmond generally can make your incision in the natural crease below your breast (inframammary fold). Because a lumpectomy only requires her to take part of your breast tissue, she may place your incision along the border of your areola, or in your armpit. You’re left with little to no visible scar to remind you of your breast cancer or surgery.

Can a surgeon save my nipple with a Hidden Scar mastectomy?

Sometimes. As long as your nipple doesn’t have any signs of cancerous growths, or if you have a non-invasive cancer, Dr. Richmond should be able to save your nipple. During surgery, she typically places your incision in your inframammary fold, removes all of your breast tissue, then reattaches your nipple to your skin.

How can I lighten my scars after Hidden Scar surgery?

Although your scars are hidden with this modern type of breast surgery procedure, you should take certain measures to care for your scar to further minimize it’s appearance. Follow Dr. Richmond’s recommendations for at-home care, including changing your dressing and washing your incision.

Once your surgical site closes, she might recommend topical creams or ointments to aid in the healing process. It’s also helpful to massage the area — when recommended — to improve blood flow to the skin around your incision. Because you have a team of breast cancer experts to support you, we can help you with home treatments to diminish scarring as much as possible.

Is Hidden Scar breast cancer surgery safe?

Yes! If you qualify for a Hidden Scar procedure, it’s just as safe and effective as a traditional breast surgery. Your risk factors for recurrence are the same as someone who underwent a traditional surgery to remove breast cancer. Know that you’re in expert hands with Dr. Richmond and she can effectively remove most cancer growths through a Hidden Scar procedure.

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